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Customer Testimonials

The Stadium Events Testimonials

We have had so many wonderful people go on our trips - see a sampling of their thoughts below.  


 A very cool Day Trip from Kalamazoo & Grand Rapids, MI to Detroit's Comerica Park produced opposite ends of the age spectrum - we had an 8 year old attending his first Baseball Game, and an 80 year old on his Birthday for his 1st time at Comerica.

                                 (I just can't seem to remember to change the date on the Camera)


Oct 27, 2013 Cowboys @ Lions     Day Trip from West Michigan




Dec 1, 2013 Bears @ Vikings   Overnight Trip to Minneapolis from Chicago

I want to commend you and your organization for providing an awesome experience. Everything was smooth, from the bus ride, to the no hassle check in at the hotel, and the feeding frenzy at the tailgate. Our group had a wonderful time just showing up and focusing on having a great time! 
We will definitely use your service again and would recommend it to others.
Thank you and continued success!!

Jose Pedraza


Hi Todd,  I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much fun the trip was!

 Nov 24, 2013 Bears @ Rams     Overnight Trip to St Louis from Chicago

Great time last weekend. Thanks for putting it all together!


Sep 29, 2013 Bears @ Lions     Overnight Trip to Detroit from Chicago


Once again you provided a Perfect Bears trip.

Thanks to you and your staff !!!

See you in November for the St. Louis trip.

Mike & Sue Thom


Don and Valerie were wonderful.

We had a great time, will do again, and will recommend to friends and family.

Tina Beilke

Thanks Todd, my family had a great time and will never forget it although they'd like to forget the game! Lol maybe I can get my bro for next year! Go Bears!


Oct 13, 2013 Lions @ Browns   Day Trip from Detroit

We had a great time, thank you for organizing the trip.  We will definitely plan on going on one next year, so please keep us in the loop when trips are planned!

Emily and Tim

Thanks Todd.

The trip was great.  Definitely looking forward to working with you in the future.

Phil Sullivan - President of JetNation
Jan 23, 2011
Jets @ Steelers in Pittsburgh
AFC Championship
1 Night Trip from New York

Todd…you are the GREATEST…Alex and I will definitely be back for future Jets road games in 2011!!!…and possibly the Knicks!!!…and I’m going to tell my friends as well to get the word out…keep me posted as to future NY team road trips…thank you…Gary 

Gary Gittler
Jan 23, 2011
Jets @ Steelers in Pittsburgh
AFC Championship
1 Night Trip from New York

Dear Todd,
Thank you so much for putting together a trip from New York to New England so we could watch the best Jet Playoff game in the last thirty years.  The memories my son and I had on the trip will last our lifetimes.  Thanks for taking care of every detail and allowing us to have a stress-free day.  Everything was taken care of - the videos on the bus, the tickets, watching the first playoff game during the tailgate party, and of course, the great food and drinks.
I'll be sure to tell all my football friends about your great transportation services and look forward to many more trips!
Michael Borkan
Jets @ Patriots in Foxboro
AFC Divisional Playoffs 1/16/11
Day Trip from New York

Hey Todd,

Just wanted to thank you for the great trip and accommodations.  We all had a blast and I'll definitely be looking into this anytime I plan a sporting event trip.  Everyone in our group had the same opinion as well.

It doesn't hurt that we were able to watch the Lions get a W either...

Good luck, and keep up the good work,

Dec 12, 2010
Packers @ Lions in Detroit
Day Trip from West Michigan  

Planning a trip with stadium events not only was an incredible price, but it was such a memorable experience... I have never gotten a big group of my friends to all do something at the same time like I did with using Stadium events... Everything they promised they did... They accomodated us so much better than what I initially thought it was going to be... We met Actual Chicago Bears players and had a chance to take pics and get autographs with them; one word AMAZING:-) 
Not only did I meet new people but they were all great to hang with on the bus to the hotel and back...
I booked this trip for my boyfriends birthday, it was a surprise and the best surprize ever...  And yes I did have 10 friends come along as well:-)  But I had something special planned for the boyfriend along the way aside from his amazing present, which was to tell him I loved him. I had everything planned out perfectly.. Rose petals spread out on the bed... Ordered his special wine and made a heart out of candles with words formed saying I love you... Moral of this story is Todd said he would be able to accomodate what I had planned by letting me get off the bus early ;with the Chaperone so i could get my key early and set up.... Aside from the trip being about the bears game WHICH WAS FANTASTIC... It also brought me and my boyfriend to the next step in our relationship and bc of you being able to help me with the surprise, it made it one of the more memorable experiences ive had in my life....  
And I promise me and the gang will be seeing you soon.... IM DOING EVERYTHING THROUGH STADIUM EVENTS:-)
I would like to thank the people at stadium events for doing everything perfectly and the crazy fans on our bus... JEFF FROM CHicago...

Thank you again.
Evita Bayliff:-) 
Dec 5, 2010
Bears @ Lions in Detroit
1 Night Trip from Chicago  


I took my 10 year old son to his first ever Bears Game and it wasn't even at Soldier Field.  We recently went on your Detroit trip and had one of the best "Boys Weekend Out" that we've ever had.  Everything was GREAT!!!, the price can't be beat!!!, the bus ride was exciting (even for the 10 year old), we stayed at the hotel with the BEARS and he met and got autographs from about 7 different players, the game was exciting (WE WON!!!) and the entire weekend was FANTASTIC!!!  I highly recommend this trip to anyone planning a family get away for the weekend, it's not just a bunch of rowdy guys drinking on a bus!  We will definitely be on the next trip next year!!

Thanks for EVERYTHING (it was just as you said it would be)

Peter & Nicholas

Dec 5, 2010
Bears @ Lions in Detroit
1 Night Trip from Chicago   

Hey Todd – Once again you put together an AMAZING organized trip.  We had a BLAST, our seats were AWESOME – 13th ROW !!!!!

The hotel was beautiful and a great location.  And YES…we got a Bears victory. 

Thanks again and we look forward to our trip next year. 

Mike & Sue Thom

Mike & Sue Thom
Dec 5, 2010
Bears @ Lions in Detroit
1 Nt Trip from Chicago

Todd, thanks again. We had a great time. That was one heck of a party ! 
Our only regret was that the weekend did not last longer !  Great seats at the game,
great company on the bus, excellent hotel and a rocking tail gate party !  Well done !  

John and Jessica.

Overnight Trip from Chicago
12/5/10 Bears @ Lions

Even though I attended the game solo I had a great time and met a lot of great people,
and would not hesitate to do this again.  This met all my expectations and much more.  
You were a great host and this was very organized.  


Oct 10, 2010
Rams @ Lions in Detroit
Day Trip from West Michigan   

Todd -

If there were a definition of "Too Much Fun" your bus trip would be it.
We had a BLAST.  Everyone on the bus were great people.  You were
a gracious host.  If only the Bears would have shown up to play.
Thanks again and we will definitly be doing another trip with you.
Kentucky Derby ........woo hoo
Mike & Sue Thom

Mike & Sue Thom
Oct 25, 2009
Bears @ Bengals in Cincinnati
1 Nt Trip from Chicago


Hi Todd,

Debbie and I had a great weekend in Detroit!

I wanted to take the time and personally thank you and complement you on how well the trip was.  Our expectations were exceeded by a long shot and the attention to details were outstanding.

You did a great job organizing and following through and I would recommend you and your trips to anyone I know.  We hope to use your services again for another Pittsburgh trip.

Thanks again for everything.

Kevin Searfoss
Oct 11, 2009
Steelers @ Lions in Detroit
1 Nt Trip from Pittsburgh


Thank you so much for everything!!!

Lori Ritter
Oct 11, 2009
Steelers @ Lions in Detroit
1 Nt Trip from Pittsburgh


I wanted to thank you again for being an excellent host.  We had a great time.  I've been on these road trips before so I knew what to expect but my son has never been with a bus group, only our family by ourselves.  His eyes light up when I ask him if he had a good time and he replies by asking if we can go with you again.  Your service and attention to detail was outstanding.  Thanks for making it seem like I knew you guyings/group for years. We felt very welcome.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.  Peace and oh yeah,  GO BEARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ron Rosenbaum
Nov 23, 2008
Bears @ Rams in St Louis
1 Nt Trip from Chicago

We will see you again! No complaints! Great trip. use me as a reference anytime!

Stewart McVicar
Nov 23, 2008
Bears @ Rams in St Louis
1 Nt Trip from Chicago

Again, What a great trip, we will definately try to do this again with more of our buddies.  It was well organized and a good group of people. Not to mention, the Tigers won!  Thanks again.
Dennis Milobar

Dennis Milobar
April 29, 2008
Tigers @ Yankees in the last Series in Old Yankee Stadium
2 Nt Trip from Detroit

THANKS. N.Y was great we must go again. thank so much your n.y buddy shaun cooper

Shaun Cooper
April 29, 2008
Tigers @ Yankees in the last Series in Old Yankee Stadium
2 Nt Trip from Detroit

Thanks Todd - great trip.
Nick from Blenheim

Nick Hewko
March 16, 2008
Red Wings @ Blue Jackets
Day Trip from Detroit

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