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2/16/20 Daytona 500 from Tampa / Orlando


NASCAR Kicks off the 2020 Season!!

$350 per person

 **$200 Deposit secures your spot**

    Balance due Jan 16


* Ticket in Dark Brown Area (See attached Map)

* All-U-Can-Eat & Drink BEER-1/2 lb Cheese Burgers-Brats with Peppers & Onions-Hot Dogs-Chili Dogs-Mac & Cheese-Chili-Baked Beans-Potato Salad-Chips-Pop-Water-Gatorade during a 3 Hour Pre Race Tailgate Party

* Round Trip Transportation in a Deluxe Motor Coach with Restroom, Multiple TV Screens, DVD/VCR, CD Player, Reclining Seats, and Overhead Storage for Souvenirs.

* Chaperones playing numerous NASCAR Videos to get you pumped for the Race!! Relaxing Movies for the ride home.

* Individual Bags of Chips, Pop, Water & Gatorade provided during the Bus Ride. Alcohol not provided on the Bus but you are allowed to bring a Small Cooler onboard.


$310 per person


* Ticket in Purple Area, and same as above.

**$150 Deposit secures your spot**

Balance due Jan 16


$240 per person


* Ticket in Light Brown Area, and same as above.


$135 per person


* No Ticket Option –  includes everything except a Race Ticket.

**$50 Deposit secures your spot**

  Balance due Jan 16

Rough Itinerary: Depart Tampa at 4am and Orlando at 6am. Leaving early to beat the massive traffic. Kick back and get some good sleep early on. Enjoy Historic NASCAR DVD’s once everyone is rested. We will arrive early and start setting up for our Pre Race Tailgate Party slated to go from 9 – Noon, but could start earlier depending on arrival time. The Daytona 500 starts at 2:30pm. Take Pictures, Purchase Souvenirs, and Settle in and enjoy NASCAR Action!! We will head for home well after the Checkered Flag, and once the Traffic starts flowing, but not in a hurry as we will get the Coolers back out and enjoy the Post Race Discussion. We plan to arrive in Orlando around 12:30am and Tampa around 2:30am. Kick back, enjoy a Movie, and alot of sleeping too.

Note: If this trip doesn’t reach the minimum number of people required, it could be cancelled and all deposits would be refunded.

Out of stock



The 62nd Annual Great American Race!!


2:30pm Sun Feb 16, 2020

Daytona 500
Daytona Intl Speedway, Daytona, FL


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